Are you suffering from hair loss and looking for an at home hair loss treatment for women? Whether it’s hereditary, stress or other, we’re sure the iGrow device can improve the quality of your hair and improve your confidence.


Although men have been known to be the ones to suffer from such issues, there is in fact a great percentage of women who also struggle with keeping their hair looking thick and fresh. That is why we at Scientific Home Use Products have taken it upon ourselves to develop a solution that can be perfect for all people suffering from hair loss or thinning.


By purchasing the iGrow device, you can take control of your low level laser therapy (LLLT) without the need for spending luxury costs on surgeries. With this 20-25 minute laser treatment to your head every other day, you can enjoy watching TV, cooking dinner or other while the device does it’s work. It’s as simple as that!


To find out more about our the iGrow hair device, you can take a look through our website or speak to our team directly by filling out the simple contact form on our website.


Our device has been clinically tested to ensure you can have peace of mind knowing it is safe to use in your property. Don’t wait to purchase your own iGrow device today and begin your journey to have great looking hair.

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