For years men and women have been looking for a way to improve their head of hair with specific hair regrowth products. If you want a product that can be used in your own home without the need to spend out on luxury costs, you’ve come to the right place.


The iGrow is the perfect product for you if you have thinning hair. With this device you can experience a gradual improvement to your head of hair while avoiding the need for major surgeries.


When it comes to the technical aspects of the iGrow, this device uses LLLT. Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy. How this works is that by utilising lasers and or light energy, the roots of the hair can be encouraged to grow and in turn restore the hair to a much nicer state.


Not only can it be easier, but you can have peace of mind knowing the device produces no heat. This means that you cannot burn or injure your skin and continue to help you improve the thickness of your locks.


If you would like find out more about the iGrow device, you can take a look around our website or send your enquiry to us via our online contact form.

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