Hair Loss Prevention

If you have been searching for new hair loss prevention tactics to tackle the balding or thinning hair on your head, our iGrow Laser device is the product for you.


Signs of ageing are inevitable. Whether you’re a man or woman, hair loss can be a devastating result of stress, genes or other causes as you go through your life. With this treatment you can improve the condition of your hair growth and feel confident with more luscious looking hair.


20-25 minutes every second day over a course of months with this device can be all it takes to restore your hair to its original state. We have had many satisfied customers over the years who loved the results of this treatment and are confident you can too.


To find out more about the Low-Level Laser Therapy procedure, take a look around our website to discover it’s benefits and how it has helped our customers restore their hair.


If you would like to purchase to iGrow device from us at Scientific Home Use Products, you can do so directly through our website or enquire by filling our simple contact form on our website.


For reliable support and advice on using the iGrow system, choose our professional team for first-class customer service.

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