Hair Loss Treatment

Although our solution isn’t the only one available, we believe our hair loss treatment can be the most effective one to use in your spare time. For exceptional results, purchase our iGrow device from Scientific Home Use Products.


Our Low Level Lazar Therapy (LLLT) treatment offers you the chance to take control of your own hair re-growth. With this device you can restore your hair to a more luscious state and enjoy the feeling of thicker, fuller locks.


Hair loss can be caused by a number or reasons. Whether it is due to stress, genes or other, we’re confident this device can prevent the process and improve the quality of the hair on your head.


Many may not know this, but hair loss can be a problem for both men and women alike. That is why no matter what your gender may be, we’ll do our utmost to ensure you are supported with the device and advise you on its most beneficial qualities.


Our device has been tested by countless individuals to ensure you can rest knowing we take our service seriously. It has also been seen in multiple media, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing it is a trusted product.


You can enquire about our iGrow device by filling out the simple contact form today.

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