iGrow Thinning Hair

As we get older, many of us dread the signs of ageing; loss of hair being one of them. Now with the iGrow thinning hair treatment, you can prevent your hair from thinning via this simple cosmetic device.


Known as a form of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), this cosmetic procedure offers an alternative for people who want to improve the look of their hair without surgery. We’re confident that when you order your very own iGrow Hair System from us at Scientific Home Use Products, you’ll love the improvements to your thinning hair.


Alongside the benefit of hair re-growth, you can expect no heat or discomfort when using the laser. This means you can relax knowing it is safe and not at risk of burning or injuring your skin.


Don’t wait to try it out for yourself and see just how effective this simple 20-25 minute treatment can be for your hair. As a device that is recognised worldwide for it’s effective hair re-growth, we’re sure you’ll be amazed by the results.


To find out more about the iGrow Hair System and order your very own device today, don’t hesitate to look through our website. You can also fill out the simple contact form and we’ll respond as soon as we can to your enquiry.

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