Losing hair is a normal part of life, but as we grow older some people lose much more than they’d thought. This includes men and women. If you’ve been searching for a thinning hair treatment to help you restore your hair to a much thicker state, invest in the iGrow.


Hair thinning or loss can be caused by a number of different factors. This could be stress, genetics and many others that can be no fault of our own. With the iGrow you can gradually give yourself back that much thicker and fuller hair you long for.


How it works is by using LLLT (Low Level Lazar Therapy). With regular use, the device can help stimulate ageing cells to become more active and in turn hope to increase the results of hair re-growth.


The device itself has been tested over numerous studies on countless individuals seeking treatment. It has also been recognised in the media for its effects. This means you can trust in knowing top members of the media have noticed this product.


If you would like to purchase an iGrow device or find out more, you can do so via our website or email us and we’ll get back to you do deal with your enquiry.

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