re-growth concerns.


At Scientific Home Use Products we offer the iGrow Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to customers that suffer with worrying hair thinning or hair loss. Whether it’s due to stress, or is hereditary, we’re confident this treatment will improve your confidence as well as improve your hair density.


All you need to do is apply this 20-25 minute laser treatment to your head at home every other day which will improve the health of your hair follicle which in turn then stimulates new replacement hair growth. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, this easy to use Laser device helmet can be a great benefit for your hair re-growth. In fact, in clinical trials our device produced an average of 35% hair re-growth for men and 37% for women. This makes it a truly effective way to re-gain hair you may have lost.


It has also been tested in many clinical trials across the US and has been featured in popular magazines, including; Vogue, Allure and many more.


Don’t hesitate to purchase the iGrow hair device today by doing so directly through our website. For any additional enquiries you can fill out the simple contact form on the website.

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