Are you losing hair? Is age, stress or genetics causing your hair to thin dramatically? If you want to restore your hair to a thicker state, invest in our laser hair loss prevention device, iGrow.


The iGrow is a device that can be used in the comfort of your own home. By simply using this device every second day, you can improve the quality of hair re-growth. In turn your hair can be restored to your desired state over a period of time.


Despite the stereotype, men and women can both use this hair loss prevention device. In fact around eight million women are affected by hair loss. By starting this treatment now, regardless of your gender, you can also prevent hair loss from starting.


We can ship to locations worldwide. No matter your destination, we’re sure we can dispatch your iGrow to you for arrival as soon as possible.


The iGrow also comes with a full 12-month manufacturing warranty. Should your iGrow stop functioning properly, we can make sure it replaced as soon as possible.


You can email us with your enquiries or send us your additional questions via our online contact form.


For more information about the iGrow and its benefits, don’t hesitate to take a look through our website today and make your order today.

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