Questions About LLLT

LLLT is an acronym for Low-Level Laser Therapy. This refers to a therapy that utilizes laser and or light energy below a specific energy threshold and within a specific wavelength. Light sources used for LLLT may include Laser and LED devices. Laser devices used for LLLT are also referred to as cold lasers. LLLT devices produce no heat, are safe to use and will not burn or injure the skin.
Multiple sites Double Blind Independent Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Low—Level Laser Therapy in promoting hair re-growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness associated with hereditary hair loss. The exact mechanism is not fully understood, but the most recent research has identified that LLLT is absorbed into the hair growing cells in the follicle tubes, triggering enhanced cellular activity. In other words, the theory is that LLLT stimulates ageing cells to become more active, thereby increasing their effectiveness in hair re-growth.
Yes! Please see our page on clinical studies, here.
Yes, Medical Doctors, including Dermatologists, in the United States, Europe and Asia prescribe the iGrow® for use with male and female patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia. (Genetic Hair loss)
Red light from Laser and LED devices emitting a wavelength of 650—670nm light can stimulate hair growing cells within the follicle, as part of an effective LLLT hair treatment. The Laser light produces a specific wavelength that is believed to stimulate the hair follicle cells. The LED light uses a broader beam of gentle light energy to cover a wider area of the scalp. Combining the Lasers and LEDs offers the benefit of both light sources for men and women with androgenetic alopecia (thinning hair). But the proof is in the results. The iGrow Hair Growth System has shown the Highest Percentage Increase in New Hair Re-Growth of any published clinical studies on Laser Light-mediated hair growth.
It is important to use light within the recommended wavelength for Laser Hair Re-Growth Treatment. Research studies suggest the most effective wavelength for hair growth is between 650—670nm. This wavelength has the most efficient and effective absorption that is essential for hair growth.
Most LLLT devices use either LEDs or Lasers. The iGrow® utilizes both high—quality Laser and LED light sources. This form of LLLT is effective for hair regrowth in men and women with genetic-based hair thinning/loss. WILL ALL LASER and LIGHT DEVICE'S PROVIDE EQUIVALENT RESULT'S ON THE SCALP? NO!. Not all devices have the same power and energy output, and therefore will not yield the same results. Many devices only cover a limited area. Most of these devices require the user to manually move by hand a handheld comb or brush repeatedly over the scalp for 10-20 minutes at a time. This is both tiresome and does not provide the all-important consistent application of the light. The iGrow® combines Laser and LED light in a hands-free automated device that is easy to use, while providing consistent scalp coverage, with the Lasers and LED light sources at a specifically recommended distance from the scalp, in each 20-25 minute treatment session.
No. Not all devices have the same power and energy output, and therefore, will not yield the same results. Many devices only cover a limited scalp area. Most of these devices require the user to manually move a hand-held laser comb or laser brush repeatedly over the scalp for 10-20 minutes at a time. This is tiresome and does not provide a consistent application of the light. The iGrow® combines Laser and LED light in a hands-free automated device that is easy to use, while providing consistent scalp coverage in each 20-25 minute treatment session, at the required distance from the scalp.
LLLT can be used with hair loss products Rogaine or Propecia. However, the use of pharmaceuticals is not required to achieve results with the iGrow®. That's what's great about the iGrow! It is a product that requires only a one—time investment, whereas Rogaine or Propecia needs to be used for life if you want to retain any results you might have achieved. This makes pharmaceutical remedies far more expensive than your one time buy of the iGrow Hair Regrowth System. The iGrow causes no side effects, isn't messy, and is very easy to use.
If 3-4 times a week provides good results, will more frequent sessions yield a better result? There is no evidence that increased Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) will provide better results. LLLT should only be used as prescribed. Each LLLT session should be followed by a period of rest. This translates into alternating session days. Only treat every 2nd day.
Hair loss is a progressive condition. If untreated, you can expect to lose more hair over time. After the initial 6-month LLLT treatment period, you should continue sessions once per week to maintain your results and hair quality.
The iGrow® is intended to be used by men and women who either wish to Prevent their hair from thinning or are already afflicted with androgenetic alopecia, hereditary baldness or hair thinning. LLLT hair treatment should be incorporated into your weekly Preventative maintenance routine to preserve and strengthen existing hair and provide a healthy environment for continued growth.
LLLT is effective in men and women aged 18 and older. Please consult your physician if you are under the age of 18.
Yes. iGrow LLLT can be used immediately after Hair-Transplant surgery. Doctors have reported that using LLLT can help stimulate the earlier healing of the hair transplant wounds, and improve transplant results in hair loss patients. In fact, hair transplant surgeons worldwide have chosen to use the iGrow LLLT to improve their results. Anecdotal reports have shown that LLLT sessions immediately following surgery decrease the recovery time in hair transplant patients, and increases hair thickness. Consult with your transplant surgeon for more information.
No. After transplant surgery, it is important that your scalp does not come into direct contact with any foreign object. Many devices use teeth or spikes that are studded with a Laser. You should not use such devices as they will damage your transplants. Instead, use a device that covers the entire scalp but does not directly touch the scalp. At the present time, ONLY the iGrow is safe and effective for patients immediately following hair transplant surgery.

Questions About iGrow

The iGrow® has been specially designed with safety features for at-home, In the office or in your hotel room use while traveling, including a safety mechanism controlling both Laser and LED devices. In addition, the iGrow® is designed so that it can only be turned on when it is firmly placed on your head. The iGrow® is a safe and effective Laser hair treatment for use at home or while travelling
Yes, the iGrow® requires no manual movement. Simply, place the iGrow® on your head, select one of 5 pre-programmed sessions and then sit back and relax. When will I know if iGrow® is working for me? Every person is different. However, within 16 weeks of using iGrow® as directed, most users report that they can start to see a positive change. The appearance of thicker, fuller, and healthier looking hair is typical within 6 months of constant use of LLLT.
No special shampoos or conditioner are needed. You can use your normal shampoo to keep your hair and scalp clean.
No. Testing and user testimonials have shown no side effects when utilizing the iGrow® with LLLT for Hair Re-Growth or Hair Loss Prevention.
The iGrow is one of the most powerful hair growth systems developed for home use and has an equivalent output to most in-office hair lasers. It is most important if you choose to receive in-office treatment to ensure that your Physician is open and able to provide you with treatment 7 days every week, holidays included, to ensure he or she can provide you treatment for the required every 2nd day. Further, the iGrow's patented headphone design maintains an important fixed distance of 3cm from the scalp. In addition, the iGrow® can be used conveniently at home, the office, or any convenient location while listening to your favourite music on your iPhone® or Music device also your laptop.
The iGrow® is hands-free, easy to use and it provides full scalp coverage at the all-important correct height 3cm from the scalp. Compare that to moving a laser comb every 4 seconds for 20 consecutive minutes at a fixed distance from the scalp. Virtually impossible, The iGrow® has more light energy and provides the most consistent scalp coverage necessary for great results.
The iGrow® will only work on active follicle tubes and is therefore not recommended for those with a shiny bald scalp or severe hair loss.

Questions About Safety

Yes. The iGrow uses Class 3R Lasers which are recognized as safe by worldwide governing medical bodies. It meets the safety guidelines established by the United States and most foreign governments for safety. The iGrow is manufactured according to ISO 13485, the most stringent standard for medical device products.
Only low-energy Laser and LED light is used, no heat or radiation is emitted. Clinical studies have shown that Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is safe. LLLT has been used for decades in hair restoration clinics. Be assured that the iGrow's non-invasive Laser Technology is perfectly safe and very simple to use.
Yes. The iGrow® is an effective treatment for hair loss or hair thinning in most women, it can also prevent hair loss from starting.
Please contact your medical doctors for guidance.
Yes. The iGrow® is safe to use with Rogaine® or Propecia®. There are no contraindications with these medicines.

Warranty / Order / Shipping

We offers a full 12-month manufacturing warranty for the iGrow®. The warranty protects against factory defects and workmanship errors. If your unit has stopped functioning within this time period as a result of a defect or workmanship error within this time period, please contact our customer service department, so that we can personally assist you with your warranty replacement return.
In the event that your unit stops working after the 12-month warranty period expires, contact our office immediately, to arrange for a return. Upon inspection of the unit, we can either quote you the price to repair or offer you a replacement at a 50% discount of the current advertised retail price.
We can ship internationally to most parts of the world.
Yes a one year manufactures warranty.