How does the iGrow Laser Hair Re-Growth Helmet produce such Good Results?

Many hair laser products out there use either Lasers or LEDs but the revolutionary iGrow Laser Helmet uses both. This helps produce more effective Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Results. The high-quality lasers and LEDs produce a wavelength of 655 nm that has been Clinically Proved to increase cellular activity and energise the Hair Growing Cells in your Hair Follicles in your scalp. This causes an uptake in the natural function of your hair follicle. The combination of Laser light and LEDs provide a broader light energy to ensure complete scalp coverage.

LLLT results are not superficial – the hair growing cells absorb the light and in turn, are stimulated to become more active. This process is known as Photo-Bio Stimulation and is just like giving your cells vitamins for a healthy metabolism. Your Hair Growing Cells then begin to repair and revitalise themselves, leading to the resumption of your Hair Re-Growth and your hair becoming Thicker, Fuller and Healthier.

The iGrow Laser Hair Re-Growth System has been clinically-tested in Double-Blind Clinical Trials and offers Proven “FDA Accepted” results, that are supported by Factual Scientific Research[1].

What makes the iGrow Laser Hair Re-Growth System different from other Laser Treatments?

Unlike other Hair Laser Treatments, iGrow uses a combination of LED and Laser Technology, at a clinically proven wavelength of 655 nm. The unique design of the iGrow Helmet is specially contoured to cover your entire scalp for the most effective treatment possible, in the shortest amount of time. The hands-free design is much more convenient and more effective than hair-loss laser combs or brushes and with the lasers and LEDs set at the precise required distance from your scalp the distribution of the Low-Level Laser and LED light in the iGrow Helmet ensures that the treatment targets exactly the parts of your scalp that need it the most, every time.

Traditional laser combs and brushes are not hands-free, therefore do not ensure the lasers are maintained at the important correct distance from the scalp during treatment nor do they provide full scalp coverage, or offer the combination of LLLT and LED technology at the same time, For The Most Effective Results.

Is the iGrow Helmet Easy to Use at Home or when Traveling

Yes the iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System has been designed to be Easy, Comfortable, Convenient, Safe and very Simple to use, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or when away traveling. The Hands-Free Design allows you to get on with your other important tasks during your treatment, and it is comfortable too, thanks to the lightweight design and 4 adjustable fit columns which maintains the Laser and LEDs with rotating weight distribution for your ultimate comfort.

With built-in headphones that can connect to your MP3 player, iPod or anything else with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, you don’t even have to do anything – you can just sit back and relax. Treatment sessions are completely automatic and take just 20-25 minutes. With just 3 or 4 sessions required each week, you can start to see results commencing in as little as 16 weeks, when your existing hair becomes more vital and healthy, and your new hair growing process will have started to commence and will only continue to improve in strength and thickness from thereon.

The iGrow Helmet is the first Hair Loss Prevention Device, so is perfect for anyone who has noted that hair loss runs in their immediate or related family. It is Safe, Effective, Clinically Tested and Proven, and has No Side-Effects.

Who Would Benefit from Using the iGrow Laser Hair Re-Growth Helmet?

With specially designed programmes for both Men and Women, 18 years and older, the iGrow Laser Hair Re-Growth System is suitable for use by both Men and Women 18yrs or older. IGROW is for HAIR LOSS and HAIR THINNING caused by HEREDITARY Means. If you know that you have a Hereditary Susceptibility to Permanent Hair Loss, because other members of your direct or indirect family have already experienced Hair Loss or Baldness. The iGrow Helmet is the perfect way to keep your hair Healthy, thick and strong “before” Permanent Hair Loss Commences, or if you have already started to notice General Hair Thinning or Hair Loss on the Crown of your head or a Receding Hairline, the iGrow Laser Helmet is ideal for you.

IGROW is a HAIR LOSS PREVENTATIVE: If Hair Loss runs in your Family, Mum / Dad / Aunties / Uncles, you can Prevent joining them in Losing Your Hair

iGrow features four clinically-designed programmes, because Hair-Loss can happen in very different ways for each of us, and differs between men and women.

  • Overall Hair Wellness for Men (Hair Loss Prevention)
  • Severe Thinning over the entire scalp for Men
  • Overall Hair Wellness for women (Hair Loss Prevention)
  • Severe Thinning over the entire scalp for Women

Simply select the programme that's most suited for your needs, place the iGrow on your head, turn it on and let it do its work. IGrow’s patented Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) works directly on the Hair Growing cells in your follicle, based on Professor Endre Mester's findings that with the right laser set at 655 nm Follicle Cells became healthier and actually re-grew hair. iGrow has worked on this technology and combined LLLT with Red Light Therapy for the most effective results.

Unlike other products that claim to help with hair loss, the iGrow's Technology and its results are supported by Clinically Proven US FDA Accepted Clinical Evidence.

In 2009, Dr Ted Daly found that a significant majority of females with female pattern hair loss showed moderate to significant improvement following 16 weeks of LLLT.

In 2007, a multi-centre study of men suffering from androgenic alopecia (Hereditary Baldness) showed an increase in hair count following only 16 weeks of LLLT.

A 2005 study by Dr Richard Burgmeier showed increases in average hair growth in men and women after using LLLT - iGrow Uses LLLT.

Is iGrow Affordable?

Unlike traditional ongoing Drug treatments for Hair-Loss, the iGrow Laser Hair Re-Growth Helmet is not only highly effective, but it’s also very affordable. Traditional drug treatments for hair-loss include Minoxidil, which costs £350 every year and needs to be taken consistently and continuously for the rest of your life, or any hair gained + any hair loss saved during the use of the product, will fall out rapidly. The iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System is a one-off purchase, and can be seen as an investment in the future of your hair’s health and appearance, with no ongoing costs and provides everything you need to grow strong, healthy and vibrant hair. You can also share the iGrow with your male or female partner, which cuts your outlay cost in half. The life of your iGrow Helmet, if well looked after, is anticipated to be 10 years for a signal user. Roughly just £30.00 per year or 58 pence each week. (Compare that to Minoxidil)

iGrow has a 12-month Manufacturer’s warranty from the date of your purchase.